Investors, Developers, Architects, Engineers, House and Property Owners and Managements

Getting started with Scopes of Work and Submit an Auction

Create custom Scope of Work based on many factors available on the Fastork.Specify materials, man count, and working time of each product from your schedule.

Invite contractors known to you or/and find in our database a group of qualified, licensed contractors who will participate in your Auction.

Setup an Auction details based on your Scope of Work with schedule of site walkthrough. Send to contractors by Fastork, your Auction and Contract Agreement.

By using our proprietary advanced mathematical algorithms you can choose the most favorable scenario of the contract implementation.

Fastork gives you an option to automatically division of the Scope of Work into several Contractors to obtain the best price to complete your Contract.

General Contractors, Small and Middle Contracting Companies, Self-employers

Bid and win contracts.

To obtain New Contracts approve invitation to specific Auction from a customer you know or find Public Auction. Participate in Entire or Partial Auction.

By Fastork unique interface you can perform Professional Estimate and Bid based on knowledge of the man-hour price of your employees only.

After you winning the Bid you can accept and sign Entire or Part of the Contract depending on Customer and your needs.

Urgent repair for Houseowners

Need repair or construction on your property?